My art and my service are in His hymns


As the occupation of the ploughman is the ploughshare, and the occupation of the helmsman is the steering of the ship, so also my occupation is the psalm of the Lord by His hymns.

My art and my service are in His hymns, because His love has nourished my heart, and His fruits He poured unto my lips.

For my love is the Lord; hence I will sing unto Him.

For I am strengthened by His praises, and I have faith in Him.

I will open my mouth, and His Spirit will speak through me the glory of the Lord and His beauty,

The work of His hands, and the labor of His fingers;

For the multitude of His mercies, and the strength of His Word.

For the Word of the Lord investigates that which is invisible, and reveals His thought.

For the eye sees His works, and the ear hears His thought.

It is He who made the earth broad, and placed the waters in the sea.

He expanded the heaven, and fixed the stars.

And He fixed the creation and set it up, then He rested from His works.

And created things run according to their courses, and work their works, for they can never cease nor fail.

And the hosts are subject to His Word.

The reservoir of light is the sun, and the reservoir of darkness is the night.

For He made the sun for the day so that it will be light; but night brings darkness over the face of the earth.

And by their portion one from another they complete the beauty of God.

And there is nothing outside of the Lord, because He was before anything came to be.

And the worlds are by His Word, and by the thought of His heart.

Praise and honor to His name.

(Odes of Solomon 16.)